Generative Live Visuals


Sensory Shock Activation Initiative

A live science fiction themed production incorporating electronic music, generative visuals and experimental 3D audio. The entire show was running real-time with audio reactive visuals that were controlled live and custom-made the show and the music

All visuals were made using Touch Designer and executed through Resolume
Music by  CTRLS

The performance was a collaboration with Troels B-Knudsen / CTRLS, Empire Bio, Ved Siden Af / Another Name, Mikkel Leseberg, Lars Graugaard and Maddalena Cecchini


Our Approach

For the performance, we created intense and stimulating visuals while keeping it sophisticated and mesmerising. The show was divided into five main sections of the so-called "shock activation therapy" (Warm-Up, Activation, Attention, Skin and Full Spectrum). We worked with a generative and glitchy universe entirely formed by the live audio input. We explored the creative vision of dystopianism and sensory shocks in both abstract graphical languages and 3D skin-like textures and human presence


The Narrative

A not too distant future. The consequences of human existence have made social interaction and even just venturing outside of controlled environments hazardous. Humanity has been forced to watch from sealed structures as society slowly decays outside

The condition named Culture Deprivation Syndrome has been detected. It was first observed within the decimated creative communities, but has now been verified in the general population and, more worryingly, within protected decision-maker circles

The Correct Society System needs creative culture to function. SafeCom Corp was formed to counter the threat of Culture Deprivation Syndrome. It is our functional duty and prime directive. To this end, the SafeCom Corp Cognitive Research Division has developed a Full Spectrum Input Therapy method that projects vital cultural and emotional content onto a group of carefully selected individuals to optimise suppression of Culture Deprivation Syndrome. It combines Isolation Culture Deprivation Syndrome Reversal Therapy, Rapid Agnostic Visual Exposure and our patented Directional Audio Conditioning technology in an infection-free and fully monitored HyperSafeSpace, which we have named The IntimiSphere

You need culture. You need Sensory Shock Activation.



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