3 Days of Design



Bringing that little extra something to a classic interior design exhibition

We have helped the danish interior design brand &Tradition bring a little extra to their exhibition "Anchor an Identity" at the 3 Days of Design 2021 festival. During the festival, all the major design brands of Copenhagen exhibit their fresh collections and aim to inspire buyers and potential end-customers. The challenge though is to stand out for the visitors who have seen thousands of beautiful furniture pieces in a row.
The experience was meant to be full of little surprises, not something you would discover immediately, but something you suddenly notice when walking through the rooms.

Interior design: &Tradition
Concept: &Tradition
Event host: 3 Days of Design + &Tradition
Sound Design: OPTIKA STUDIO + Morten Hansen
Projections: OPTIKA STUDIO
Animation Design: OPTIKA STUDIO
Photography: &Tradition
Video: @holidays.portfolio + OPTIKA STUDIO + &Tradition
Experience Design: OPTIKA STUDIO


Activating the senses and giving the guests something to remember

The concept of the exhibition was to activate different senses in the rooms in order to tell a story about the life which would be going on inside them. The visitors were met in a tall gate of plants and a quirky and exotic jungle-like soundtrack. In the office entrance, we filled the room with a coffee scent which lead the visitors into the creative office with sounds of keyboard typing and hectic paper scribbling. The laid back club lounge offered you a glass of whiskey on the rocks with a sound pattern of pouring liquids, ice buckets and cigar smoking. On top of the large couch in the salon, a playful cat silhouette appeared and by the end of the exhibition, little birds flew above your head in between stucco and chandeliers.



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