About us

We are a Copenhagen based CG- and interaction design studio working with multi-disciplinary concepts focusing on next-gen technologies.

Founded in 2019 as a collective of creative minds we have worked with 3D Animations, art installations, visual concepts, spatial- and lighting design, live visuals and more. We are a small but diverse team of technical and creative backgrounds and combine a high level of aesthetics and hands-on knowledge with a strong design thinking approach to producing cutting-edge and creative solutions for both smaller and larger clients.



3D + Simulations
Interactive technologies
Lighting + Projections
Generative Systems


Digital Design
Graphic Design
Creative Direction
Spatial Design


Experience Design
Design methodology
Design Speculations
Concept Development


Niels Otto

Technical Lead

Niels can handle an endless amount of TouchDesigner nodes and always get something to light up and react interactively. With a background as an interaction designer and years of working with generative design, he can create impressive and mesmerising experiences both digitally and physically and sometimes even live on stage turning the knobs.


Kristoffer Moth


Kristoffer can make the most beautiful and impressive simulations in Houdini and will handle any 3D challenge with ease. With a background in communication design and photography together with hours of nerding out 3D software and motion design, he is a master of making the computer-generated world hyper-realistic and breathtaking.


Denise Garbov

Creative Producer

Denise knows where we are going and how we are gonna get there all together while producing creative and thought through designs. With a background in lighting- and interaction design and years of managing and designing physical, digital and interactive experiences she is the creative link between the team's fields of expertise. 


Anders Haahr

Software Developer

Anders is a huge nerd and is determined to solve any problem he encounters even if it requires diving deep down into a complexesity. With a background in Computer Science and years of experience in development in everything from applications to games and VR he will always create solid and technically impressive solutions to creative challenges.

Esromgade 15, 2111
2200 Copenhagen N
Phone: +45 5250 2885
Email: hello@optika.studio
Instagram: @optika.studio

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